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Llama Expeditions is an adventure travel company for culturally curious, physically active women in their 40s through 70s..

Our adventures make sure that you don’t miss can’t-miss sites and partake of behind-the-scenes experiences that help you understand what it’s really like to be a local.

We introduce you to everyday local heroines doing extraordinary things and organizations that help leave a world changed for the better.

You experience that deep sigh of happiness that comes from leaving behind the daily grind to feed your curiosity and rediscover your the real you.


I hatched the idea for Llama Expeditions over a home-cooked chicken dinner at close to 14,000 feet in the Peruvian Andes.

I was on a backpacking trip with friends.

Our group had hired a local farmer, Antonio, to carry our heavy items on his horse and mule.

The first night we didn’t make it as far as we had planned because I was struggling with the altitude.

At nearly 14,000 feet, I could only manage a few steps at a time before I had to stop to catch my breath.

So, we ended up camping on the farm where Antonio lived with his family.

From what I could tell Antonio and his family didn’t have heat, electricity, or running water in their one-room home.

Yet, in spite of their meager circumstances, on that cold and star-filled night, Antonio and his wife killed a chicken and cooked us dinner.

This act of generosity stunned me. Here were people who appeared to have so little, sharing so much.

I realized that I could make a difference in Antonio’s life, and in the lives of others who had not been as fortunate as I, through community tourism.

So, I used my experience as a corporate consultant working with Fortune 500 companies to start Llama Expeditions.

And, what I noticed over the decade of running this company is that it’s not just the locals that benefit.

But, the travelers, too.

The most frequent description of our trips that I hear is “life changing.”

So, I hope you’ll join us on the journey that is a Llama Expedition.


With a name like Llama Expeditions, of course we work with trekking llamas.

But, our llamas are a symbol of so much more.

Did you know that llamas represent unconditional love in the Andean religion?

This is because they provide so much to the Andean people – meat for food, fur for warmth, transport for heavy loads, and their hearts in sacrificial ceremonies.

In fact, at the Inca ruins at Qenko, just outside of Cusco, Peru, there are carvings of llamas on a sacrificial table.

As it turns out, llamas perfectly capture the spirit of our company’s focus on giving back.

We give back by working with local tour guides, drivers, hotels, farmers, and restaurants to ensure that your money benefits the local community.

And, we give back by supporting local projects that provide people with the resources they need to change their lives for the better.