REAL Adventures for Experienced Travelers

Go on REAL Adventures

Reacquaint yourself with your Inner Indiana Jones™ or Lara Croft™.

Our adventures are for culturally curious, experienced travelers who are looking for an epic experience, not another selfie on a slickly-packaged, generic tour.

What to Expect

Diane Valenti, the founder of Llama Expeditions, uses her decades as a learning experience designer for Fortune 500 companies to personally craft and test every single itinerary. She makes sure that all the elements come together to create an unforgettable experience.

While our itineraries can be quite different from country-to-country, they share common characteristics.

REAL Adventures For Experienced Travelers

Our adventures feel a bit challenging… physically or psychologically… as you immerse in a different culture and way of life. It’s that challenge that makes the adventure worth remembering. That gives you stories to tell. That earns you bragging rights. And, quite frankly, at least in part, that makes our adventures feel life changing.

Travel Deeply, Not Just Widely

We include an exclusive 1-hour cultural briefing before you go. (And an optional debriefing when you get back.) This briefing enriches your experience by giving you a way to understand why things are done the way they are done and fosters a deeper connection when you interact with locals. We enjoy lighting the flame of cross-cultural curiosity.

Small Groups of Experienced Travelers

The minimum group size is 4 and the maximum group size is 12 so you don’t have to jockey for position to hear what your guide is saying or to see what’s going on.


Travel for Good

We work with local guides and drivers, stay in locally-owned boutique hotels and home stays, eat in locally-owned restaurants, and support local community projects (especially those that help women and girls, whenever possible.)

Hassle Free

We handle the details, including dealing with all those pesky logistical headaches that go into running a trip.

In addition, apart from your tour guides, tipping is covered, and nearly every meal is on us. No need to fret over constantly looking for ATMs – instead you can just relax and revel in the experience.

Safety First

This includes having a detailed discussion to make sure that the trip is suitable for you.

Our guides have either been certified by the Red Cross in first aid or are Wilderness First Responders.

We regularly check US State Department travel advisories to make sure our destinations fall within the first two levels.

We work with local partners so we have boots on the ground in the destination should something occur.

Finally, our founder personally walks through every itinerary from end-to-end before sending a group.

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