Our Llamas


With a name like Llama Expeditions, you may think we’re referring to trekking with llamas.

But, for us, llamas are a symbol of so much more.

Did you know that llamas represent unconditional love in the Andean religion?

This is because they provide so much to the Andean people – meat for food, fur for warmth, transport for heavy loads, and their hearts in sacrificial ceremonies.

In fact, at the Inca ruins at Qenko, just outside of Cusco, Peru, there are carvings of llamas on a sacrificial table.

As it turns out, llamas perfectly capture the spirit of our company’s focus on giving back.

We give back by going to emerging destinations and largely undiscovered parts of popular places where travel can do the most good.

We give back by working with local tour guides, drivers, hotels, farmers, and restaurants to ensure that your tourist dollars benefit the local community.

And, we give back by supporting local projects that provide people with the resources they need to change their lives for the better.